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Game 7 – 2 Girls, No Cup

16 Jun


The Counting your Chickens award goes to….

“If we win,” predicted Kesler, the Canucks’ assistant captain, “then we’re legends”.  No word yet on what Kesler is now.

A Touch of Class

Alexander Burrows really let down the side (and Vancouver fans in general) with a blind-side head shot on Rich Peverley with about 5 minutes left in the game.  Peverley seemed to be unaffected by it, which is lucky for him (and Burrows), as I can’t imagine what it would feel like to listen to your teammates celebrate a Stanley Cup while you’re being checked by a doctor for a concussion.

I doubt a suspension will come of it because it’s the last game of the season and there’s so much else going on right now, but if ever there was a suspend-able hit, that would be it.


Why keep playing Luongo going into the third?  He’s not playing well, your team is down 3 – 0 and obviously needs something to get them going.  Did Vigneault really believe his team was going to turn it on by themselves?  As a coach sometimes you need to shake your players back into the game, Vancouver just kept rolling the same game plan even when it became obvious it wasn’t working.


One of the things I’ve grown to dislike in the “new NHL” is how powerful youth has become.  It’s getting harder and harder for older players to compete with the speed and power of today’s youth.

With that in mind, how awesome is Mark Recchi?  At 5-foot-nothing, and 43 years old, he’s still out there schooling younger, stronger, faster men, in the most difficult hockey tournament in the world.  Laying out fools and leading the final round in scoring, Recchi didn’t look out of place for a second.

Boston Bruins Cup Celebration

Pumping Tires

People are actually asking what will happen with Roberto in Vancouver in light of  his recent failures and his hefty contract, but I can’t imagine much. The guy backstopped you to a record setting season and then to game 7 of the finals, while getting nominated for the Vezina, hard to fire a guy for that, even if he didn’t play well at the end.


Could Cody Hodgson have helped out the Canucks in those final games?  I know a lot of people hate the shoulda coulda’s of hindsight, it must be hard for Canuck fans to see Tyler Seguin taking a regular shift and providing some spark from time to time while your team is struggling to get anything going offensively and your own wunderkind sits in the stands.

Vancouver Riots

Meh, more on this later.

2 Girls No Cup

Vancouver fan or not, that’s pretty funny.  NOTE: A friend sent me that picture, sorry I can’t credit the creator (send me a note if you know who it is).


Bravo! Two, Zero.

3 May

I keep moving to write an article about the goaltending situation in Philadelphia but I’m waiting for them to go one full game without pulling their goalie, so in the meantime….

Some quick thoughts on round two so far….

2 – 0 – We’re five days into round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs and we already have three surprise two-nothing leads, San Jose over Detroit, Boston over Philly and Tampa Bay over Washington. I don’t have anything to say, I just had a kick-ass title for this post and needed to use it.

Tampa Bay – I guess it’s easy to lead a series 2-0 when your power play is firing at a higher percent than an honour student’s math test.

Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis


Boston – Philadelphia gets more shots on net in a period than some teams get in a game (and set a record in the process) and they don’t score a goal. In the meantime, the Flyers have changed goalies in each of the past five games. Pretty easy math. Speaking of…

Boston Goaltending, your dad had another great game.  Hope you don’t have plans this summer, because when Thomas wins the Vezina this year he’s going to ask you to help him build a trophy case in the TV room as a sort of Father-Son project.


Tim Thomas mustache

"You know son, whatever it is that's bothering you, you can talk to me about it. Now what do you say we go get an ice cream?"

JVR – is turning into the Claude Giroux of this year’s playoffs. Unfortunately for him, it may end two rounds earlier than Giroux’s run last year.

JVR at the draft

The next thing in power forwards or the next thing in Degrassi Junior High cast members?

San Jose – This is just a bad match for Detroit. San Jose beat them down last year and look to do the same this year.  San Jose will be tough for anyone but for whatever reason, they’re great against the Wings. Something that not many teams can say. I suppose it may have something to do with the fact that…
Johan Franzen – ….is clearly injured. He sat out a game at the end of the Phoenix series and hasn’t had a sniff since then, registering a paltry 4 shots and 1 hit in 2 games against San Jose.

Teemu Selanne is cooler than you.

13 Apr

This off-season, Teemu Selanne (of 76 goal rookie year/Stanley Cup championship/1300+ points/two-time Olympic scoring leader/7 time Finnish player of the year fame) decided that, at 40 years old, he still had more to give as a hockey player, and he returned to play one more season with the Mighty Ducks.

So why is cooler than you?  Well, for starters, when he's not busy being mistaken for gorgeous movie stars, he passes the time casually breaking NHL records and car racing as his alter-ego Teukka Salama, a.k.a Tommy f*%^*ing Lightning!!

Teemu being Teemu

This guy is someone's dad!


As if all that wasn't enough, on Saturday night, while you were opening your second bag of potato chips, Teemu Selanne, a man who has never once fought in his career, grabbed a 26 year old professional hockey player by the neck and laid a beating on him.  For those of you keeping count, that makes Selanne undefeated in his pro fighting career. 

Starting tonight, Selanne can be seen taking his show on the road as the Anaheim Ducks take on the Nashville Predators in round 1 of the Stanley Cup finals.

Rock on, Teemu.

Winners and Losers

10 Apr

Stanley Cup Playoffs



If anyone should know about being wary of a team that’s sneaking into the playoffs it’s the Flyers, but Buffalo simply is not the team they’ve been over the past few years, they should give the Flyers a chance to get their playoff legs under them. Miller could steal a game or two but that’s only going to get you so far against a team with 8, 19 goal men.


Hospital supply companies are about to see a serious spike in sales of stitches, icepacks, smelling salts, bandages, icy-hot, etc, etc, etc.

Flyers Goaltending

Roman Cechmanek doing his best to make sure the puck doesn't hit him.

Mediocre Goaltenders

Fast dissolving is the myth that you need a great goalie to be a Stanley Cup winner. The Lower-End Goalie Union looks poised to take another big bump this year with a handful of teams looking to make deep runs on the backs of card-carrying LEGU members. The Sharks, Lightning, Ducks and Capitals will all start the postseason doing their best Philadelphia Flyers impression by going into the playoffs with goaltending that is questionable at best. Hell, even gold medal winning, Stanley Cup favourite, Roberto Luongo is being questioned. And the Flyers themselves? Well the Flyers are being the Flyers.

California and California North

Kings, Sharks and Ducks make it into the playoffs together for the first time ever with Vancouver leading almost all bookies as the team to beat. All due respect to the Great One, but there’s never been a better time to be a hockey fan on the left side of the country.

Ghosts of Playoffs Past/Fans

Who isn’t itching to watch Habs v. Bruins and Chicago v. Vancouver? I’d like to think even Vancouver wanted a chance to exorcise those demons.

Goalie Fight




With the season on the line, playing at home, the defending Stanley Cup champs couldn’t get the job done. The playoffs are better with the Blackhawks in but you have to earn it, from both a management and player perspective, and they haven’t done that in the past calendar year.

Anyone over 6’3 hitting anyone under 6’1

Let’s pray we don’t see another series decided because of a flavour of the month rule change. I want to know how Chara can hit Gomez without “targeting the head”.

Habs Fans

Being beaten by your most hated rival is hard enough. Being beaten by your most hated rival who’s captain you recently tried to have arrested is something else altogether. Let’s hope the Montreal police invested in some fireproof cars this year.

Daniel Sedin

You get injured for the first time in your career and have to sit watch your brother become the most valuable player in hockey. So, not to be outdone, you come back from injury, lead the league in points and power play goals and sit among the leaders in goals, +/- and game winning goals all while leading your team to the President’s Trophy and odd’s on Stanley Cup favourites. You do all that, just to see Corey Perry put in a second half performance that all but ensures him the Hart trophy. I’d be inclined to vote for Daniel just for a sense of symmetry.