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Whiny-peg Jets Logos….

22 Jul

Now that True North have unleashed their new logo on the not so unsuspecting hockey world, it’s time for all of us to really start hating them for doing it.  So, let me get the party started, when talking to your friends this weekend you can say things like:

– “It looks like the jet is on fire!! LOL!!!1”

– “They only changed the logo so they make more money!!!”

– “It looks like the jet is exploding!!!!!!!!!!!”

– “Hockey logos suck nowadays!!! Every team should go back to their original logos!!!!!” (TIP: If you’re talking to someone who knows their stuff, and knows that the old logos aren’t always the best, you may have to be ready to throw your coffee in their face and run away.)

Anyway, you get the idea, no matter what these logos look like, they suck compared to the old ones.  Here is the history of the Jets…in logo form.


80's WInnipeg Jets Logo




1990's Winnipeg Jets logo



New 2011 Winnipeg Jets logos