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12 Apr

Logo for the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Diving back into the online world of hockey writing/blogging/tweeting has reminded me of just how angry and negative hockey fans seem to have become.  If you didn’t know any better you’d think the Flyers had been caught slipping a fifty into the refs pocket and Shea Weber had literally murdered Henrik Zetterberg with his bare hands.  Like Marv crushing that guy’s head style murder.  For those of you that haven’t seen the incidents in question, relax.  One, they weren’t that bad and, two, they’re outlined below.

Flyers v. Pens

Briere Celebrates his goal against Pittsburgh

– Two players you barely noticed out there: Malkin and Couturier.  Strange coincidence.

– Just like Gretzky, Lemieux, Jagr, etc….try as you might, there’s no stopping Crosby, he’s simply too good.

– What does a comeback like that mean to Philly and to Ilya Bryzgalov in particular? Imagine being a Philadelphia Flyer and having confidence in your goalie.  That’s some Twilight Zone shit.

– Daniel Briere has 31 playoff goals/30 assists since leaving Sabres in 07. Sabres as an entire team have scored 33 playoff goals.

Shitheads v. Kings

Luongo makes a save versus the Kings.

– It literally took 5 minutes before the diving and faking started for Vancouver.  If this is how they think the playoffs work they’re in for a major surprise.

– People are really overlooking the Mike Richards factor.  This guy is an angry, mean, dirty, physical presence who just happens to be a Memorial Cup Champion, World Junior Champion, Olympic Champion and former NHL captain who’s already been to one Stanley Cup finals in his career.  It’s like he was built in a lab to anger and hurt the Vancouver Canucks.

UPDATE: Mike Richards was named the first star of the game.


Wings v. Predators

– Shea Weber hit according to Nashville Predators fans.

Shea Weber slams Henrik Zetterberg into the glass.

Shea Weber hit according to Twitter and Detroit Red Wings fans.

– The whole Predators gold-rush thing (I don’t know if they call it the gold rush or not, but if they don’t ,they should) is AWESOME.  They just need a bit more coherence.

– Weber will not be suspended.


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