NHL Awards – Primitive Predictions

21 Jun

2011 NHL Awards Logo

This isn’t who should win, this is who’s going to win, and why.

UPDATE: Primitive Puck goes 5 for 5 in NHL Awards predictions prophesies.

Vezina – Tim Thomas

When you set a record for the highest save percentage in the history of the game, you get the Vezina, period.

Hart – Corey Perry

To me this is clearly a two horse race, but the key will lie with the oft-argued definition of the award.  That is, that it’s given to the player who’s “most valuable to his team”.  With that in mind, it’s hard to argue with the guy who single-handedly dragged his team into the post season, scoring 15 goals in March alone, especially when he’s up against a guy whose team won the President’s Trophy and is playing on a line with the reigning NHL MVP and leading scorer.

Without Perry the Ducks don’t even get close to the playoffs, without Daniel Sedin, the Canucks finish 5th in the league instead of 1st.  No contest.

Norris – Lidstrom

I’m having a really hard time with this one.  It’s Chara or Lidstrom.  My thinking here is that the voting was completed when everyone thought Lidstrom was going to retire, so the Scorcese factor will come into play and Lidstrom will win.

Calder – Jeff Skinner

The youngest of the lot at 19 years old (Grabner is 23 and Couture is 22) leading rookies in scoring on a non-playoff team as an 18 year old is too good to pass up.

Lady Byng – St. Louis

Because 99 points, that’s why.

The other awards are a mixture of too boring and too difficult to predict, so I’m out of here!

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